data release 3

The current data release (DR3) consists of spectra obtained during the first three VANDELS observing seasons, ESO run numbers: 194.A-2003(E-T), which ran from Aug 2015 to Jan 2016, Aug 2016 to Feb 2017 and Aug 2017 to Dec 2017 respectively. With respect to the previous release, DR3 provides spectra of 412 new targets and 121 spectra with increased exposure times. In total the release now includes 1774 spectra (897 in CDFS and 877 in UDS).

data access

vandels consortium database

We provide access through a dedicated database, accessible at this LINK (free registration required)

Spectra are stored as multi-extension FITS files containing the following extensions;
  • Primary: the 1D extracted spectrum
  • EXR2D: the 2D linearly resampled spectrum
  • SKY: the 1D sky spectrum
  • NOISE: the 1D noise estimate
  • EXR1D: a copy of the 1D extracted spectrum (to recover any edit that might be done on the Primary)
  • THUMB: the image thumbnail of the object
  • BLUE-CORR: the correction that was applied to the originally calibrated spectra, due to a systematic drop in flux at the very blue end of the spectra, compared to the available broad band photometry (see Pentericci et al. 2018 for more details)
Each extension can be viewed using standard tools like IRAF or IDL. The full information stored in these files can be inspected as a whole using the pandora.ez software as shown in this SCREENSHOT. If you want to install this tool follow the instructions at this LINK

the ESO archive

Data are available HERE

Spectra are stored in the ESO science data products standard format. Instructions on how to display these spectra are provided by ESO in a dedicated web page.